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Message from Virtual Ad Group's Managing Partner

Welcome to Virtual Ad Group — where creativity meets innovation!

Our creative and disciplined team includes experts in design, media, advertising, videograpy, copywriting, and all things digital. 

We go above-and-beyond for our clients by transforming their specialized strategy and messaging — while staying true to our philosophy of developing authentic relationships and setting and delivering manageable and measurable goals.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful results with honesty, integrity, excellence, vision, and passion!

Let’s start a conversation today about crafting a personalized advertising and marketing strategy to help your business or organization grow and prosper.

— Felicia Dionisio Hetzman

Virtual Ad Group’s dedicated, award-winning team is passionate about providing innovative solutions to help you unlock the potential of your business or organization — from the necessary fundamental elements to the next generation of marketing tools.

Felicia Dionisio Hetzman

Managing Partner

Brian Hetzman

Partner | Marketing Strategist

Clara Wilkerson

Producer | Creator

Kris Harrison

Studio Engineer | Cinematographer

Chelsea Martin

Writer | Content Strategist

Ben Rinehart

Technology Services

William 'Harley' Greenway

Motion-Graphics Designer | Video Editor

Rob Klein

Director of Photography

Trisha Gates

Video Production Specialist

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