The Customer Journey

The customer journey is the complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand.
Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.

Essentials Package:

Our Foundational Digital Marketing Solution

The Customer Journey – Essentials Package provides all the mandatory touch points required for a business to build towards a successful wholistic marketing strategy

Building a strong foundation for success

Message from Virtual Ad Group's Managing Partner

Welcome to Virtual Ad Group — where creativity meets innovation!

We go above-and-beyond for our clients by transforming their messaging and boosting their brand — while also deploying and optimizing tools in response to the new age of Artificial Intelligence.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful results with honesty, integrity, excellence, vision, and passion!

Let’s start a conversation today about crafting a personalized advertising and marketing strategy to help your business or organization grow and prosper.

— Felicia Hetzman

Marketing Services

Digital marketing

Executing digital solutions and frontline web technologies

Traditional Advertising

Engaging audiences through compelling branding and marketing strategies

Copywriting & Media

Generating high-quality content for all your copywriting needs

Studio design & engineering

Designing and deploying video and streaming solutions

Motion graphics & editing

Translating design ideas into impactful, exciting content

Media Planning, Analytics & Reporting

Maximize impact and ROI of advertising efforts in reaching / engaging target audiences

Video Production

Unleash the full potential of video from pre-production, to production and post-production

Website Design & Development

Tell your story through an engaging and informative digital experience

Technology Services

Expert field technicians perform a range of professional tasks at your locations

Looking for more local leads?

Our team of experts develops and delivers digital-marketing strategies that work!

Supercharge buyer engagement with multi-channel campaigns

Your customers are online now more than ever before.

Whether they’re sitting on a couch with a laptop, driving in a car, playing a game, or looking up the weather forecast, we’re in front of them on each and every device they own.

Virtual Ad Group delivers a blast of marketing strategies to ignite your online reach — fanning the flames through search, site and IP retargeting, Facebook, programmatic ads, contextual targeting, marketing automation, database reactivation, CRM data, and more.

How Much Revenue Are You Missing By Not Following Up On Leads?

Ask us about ways to stay in front of your prospects and turn them into clients!

Satellites + Mobile + Big Data = Game-Changer

Virtual Ad Group can change how you reach and engage with customers from this point forward with programmatic display advertising. Unleash the power of Virtual Ad Group’s next-generation Audience Capture Technology™ to identify in-market buyers and target them with unique ads. Determine the identity of your website visitors and market to them with Virtual Ad Group’s Visitor ID Data

The Ongoing Conversion Of Cord-Cutting
From Linear TV To Streaming Platforms

Pinpoint and reach in-market buyers using game-changing technology that allows you to capture customers in precise geo-fenced areas and market to an audience based on location and online activity.

Track over 200 million opted-in U.S. consumers as they share their locations via their mobile devices.

Audience Capture Technology™ draws customizable “virtual fences” around your competition, events and other locations where customers can be targeted to deliver the perfect message to the perfect prospect at the perfect time.

Our technology then tracks and sends custom ads to those customers and in-market buyers while they surf the web across all their devices, on over 750,000 apps, sites and searches, 24/7, for weeks-upon-weeks until they buy. Those prospects can then be identified and their contact and personal information revealed utilizing Virtual Ad Group’s Visitor ID Data™.

Audience Capture Technology™ tracks customers when they enter a competitor’s business location or website, then follows them and shows them your custom marketing messages while they use their phone or surf the web — following them from device to device wherever they go online or in the real world.

The fusion of smartphones, satellite GPS technology and access to massive amounts of Big Data make it all possible!

Our clients are literally able to reach out, grab a consumer’s mobile device — even after they have left a geo-fenced site — and push a more compelling offer to grab the customer from the competition — 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.

Utilizing the latest Audience Capture Technology™ Virtual Ad Group can determine who is actively pursuing a purchase and who is simply browsing — allowing us to help you to focus ad budgets on buyers only.

In fact, we know exactly how many buyers are visiting your location and every competing location in your market. We do this by tracing a virtual geo-fence around your location and areas where you want to target customers visiting another physical location.

We can also show you exactly how many buyers we push to your location from your competitors each day.

Find Out How Visitor ID Data™ Targets Your Best Prospects

Talk with one of our marketing specialists to learn more about the benefits of our digital products.

To top it all off,  Audience Capture Technology™ has a 90 percent higher conversion rate than other types of digital marketing and is strictly available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once you target a competitor with our technology they cannot target you. The targets you buy are exclusively yours.

Simply put, if you are not the business driving this technology in your market space, you are soon going to be on the receiving end when your competition beats you to the punch. 

Have You Been Looking For Customers In All The Wrong Places?

Geo-fencing and Big Data reveal where they’ve been, what they’ve been doing and how best to engage with them.

Audience Capture Technology™ In Action

Acquire Competitors' Buyers

We identify your competitors’ buyers right off their showroom floors or places of business. We have mapped the mobile IDs of 90 percent of all smartphones in the U.S.

Display Better Offers

Mobile tracking pinpoints buyers as they enter competitors’ conversion zones. We then continuously show them your better offer.

Market Exclusivity

Your location and the competitors you target are yours exclusively and will not be sold to another competitor.

Creative Services

We design unique ads based on your particular campaigns. Content may be updated as often as needed. We can work with your in-house team or agency.

Turn-Key Campaigns

Don’t have a marketing team? Our team can create artwork and manage ad scheduling.

Massive Ad Inventory

Your ad-placement costs are kept low due to our access to 1.5+ trillion auctions per month, 11,000 publishers and over 700,000 mobile apps, sites and searches.


Draw virtual fences around locations that you want to target. GPS technology identifies when they break the barrier and enter the zone.

Conversion-Zone Tracking

With conversion-zone tracking, we know who saw your ads and then returned to your store.

Search Retargeting

We target visitors across the web based on actual search terms used on hundreds of thousands of sites.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Using the knowledge provided by our vast network of publishers, we target audiences based on valuable elemental data found hidden in Big Data.

Site Retargeting

Use site retargeting to make new customers out of those who have already expressed an interest.

CRM Retargeting

Upload your own lists of emails and physical addresses to our system and target those lists via mobile, desktop and tablet.

Keyword Contextual

Upload a custom list of keywords that define your product or business and your ads will appear on pages containing those keywords.

Event Fencing

Target your niche audiences during specific events like conferences, football games or concerts. Or zero in on public places like parks and buildings during set time periods and serve ads to those targets for up to 30 days after the event.

Demographic Targeting

Pick your ideal demographic audience based on ethnicity, gender or income — and we can target it.

Programmatic Video

Video is now king and can replace standard ads just about anywhere. Access to premium publishers and real-time bidding allows Virtual Ad Group to get in front of your perfect audiences with powerful messages that are precisely targeted based on geography, demographics and online behavior.

Cross-Device Advertising

We follow in-market buyers wherever they go and consistently show them your ads on whatever device they may be using at the time.

Social Media

We target Facebook’s U.S. users via Facebook interest and behavioral, demographic and life event targeting.

Landing Pages

We include highly engaging mobile landing pages with “Click-To-Call” functionality, directions, compelling videos and more to drive ready buyers to you.


Campaign Reporting

Detailed reporting showing daily, weekly and monthly campaign status, including physical walk-ins and attributions.


Category Contextual Targeting

Target ads on pages that fall into one or more of 300 contextual categories that are relevant to the advertiser.

Native Ads

Build responsive ads in realtime — delivered across all media types — that provide a flexible, personalized, unobtrusive, high response, cohesive browsing experience, while mimicking a publisher’s content and design.


Harness The Correct Audience

Build highly targeted audiences based on over 1,000 multiple data points that remain fluid and perfectly optimized through your campaigns.


Timing Is Everything

Use the recency of time stamped data to target, bid on and optimize campaigns. Put the right ads in front of the right person at the right time!

Our Technology Partners

Virtual Ad Group partners with the top data providers to offer access to hundreds of exchanges, networks and publishers.

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