Big-agency experience. Award-winning team.

Virtual Ad Group is a full-service and award-winning agency with more than two decades of experience developing and executing bold, memorable, and effective digital and traditional marketing solutions for businesses and organizations.

Our group of marketing professionals is committed to developing and implementing the precise marketing strategies you need to meet your unique business goals.

Virtual Ad Group’s clients include Fortune 100 companies, franchises, TV networks, financial institutions, automotive groups, and health-care providers.

Tell Your Story. Drive more leads. Grow your Business.

We help our clients identify their most profitable target market, craft compelling stories and messaging tailored specifically to those customers, position their service as an indispensable necessity, and streamline the engagement process to improve ROI.

Our toolbox includes digital advertising, expert copywriting and editing services, motion design, videography, video editing, studio design, website development and design, and technology services.

Marketing Services

Digital marketing

Executing digital solutions and frontline web technologies

Traditional Advertising

Engaging audiences through compelling branding and marketing strategies

Copywriting & Media

Generating high-quality content for all your copywriting needs

Studio design & engineering

Designing and deploying video and streaming solutions

Motion graphics & editing

Translating design ideas into impactful, exciting content

Media Planning, Analytics & Reporting

Maximize impact and ROI of advertising efforts in reaching / engaging target audiences

Video Production

Unleash the full potential of video from pre-production, to production and post-production

Website Design & Development

Tell your story through an engaging and informative digital experience

Technology Services

Expert field technicians perform a range of professional tasks at your locations

Looking for more local leads?

Our team of experts develops and delivers digital-marketing strategies that work!

We have lots of experience

Case Studies

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